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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The "Win Win" Mindset

Good Morning Dynamic Traders!

Many view "trading" as a game in which there is a clear loser and a clear winner.
Your analysis is either "right" or "wrong". The "right" reaping a profit and the "wrong" incurring a loss.

I believe that successful traders see only one option. Having the ability to gather consistent profits and gracefully accept nominal losses, regardless of a market betrayal, puts them in a "win win" position each and every time.

These winners will have planned a suitable entry point, calculated a minimal loss, and foreseen a potential profit - all BEFORE pulling the trigger. The result is evident! A well deserved reward or if the market jilts the analysis, either the trade is not triggered,or a small loss is accepted.

Create your own personal "win win" trading plan today!

Cable Review

Below is the 4 hour chart for the GBPUSD.
GBPUSD 4 hour chart Advanced Get

This pair rallied beautifully yesterday and early this morning to produce a very healthy harvest! (BLOG 29 OCT)
Recognise - the crop is only secure when gathered in a timely manner.

Dynamic traders should be managing their rewards carefully to ensure profits are protected.
Remaining positions should now be risk free exposing another "win win" scenario.

I will be guarding this pair in anticipation of a further rally towards the figure.
The market will undoubtedly tell it's own story.

A "winning" day to you!
Saba Jackson